Three red poppy flowers in the vase

Three red poppy flowers in the vase. One stalk hangs down loosely and the other blooms with vitality.

The painting also depicts the last poppy flower stalk is a young flower bud.

Van Gogh painted them in contrast to the bright yellow poppy that dominates the bouquet.

More significantly, the entire bouquet of flowers was painted against a dark background.

This small piece of artwork was inspired by Adolphe Monticelli, an older painter whose work influenced Van Gogh when he first saw it in Paris in 1886.

Reference: Poppy Flowers, Adolphe Monticelli

Almond blossoms signify flourishing hope

Almond blossoms signify flourishing hope. It’s also represent the first flowering tree of Spring season.

Morning has broken with light from the pale gate of sunrise; awakening. Metaphorically.

Vincent van Gogh painted Almond Blossoms to share joy to his newborn nephew, son of Theo and his wife Johanna.

Also, suggesting baby’s named after Theo.

His good intention was to give Theo as a beautiful gift and hang it their bedroom.

I’d much rather that he’d called his boy after Pa, whom I’ve thought about so often these days, than after me, but anyway, as it’s been done now I started right away to make a painting for him, to hang in their bedroom. Large branches of white almond blossom against a blue sky. – van Gogh’s letter to mother. Source