Will the oil paintings look exactly the same as the picture posted in your store?

Will the oil paintings look exactly the same as the picture posted in your store?

A simple question. Yet, my reply can be paralyzed by how I should answer in a comprehensive manner.

To reply a single answer “Yes” or “No” is too straightforward. Basically, as good as showing ignorance and unimportance to the concern of potential buyers. Or by not replying will eventually turn away a new hope of success.

I have encountered quite frequently as an online seller. Usually, there are the new buyers who worry about receiving a poster print, instead of expecting an actual oil painting reproductions.

Now, I have just mentioned another word “reproduction”. To put it in my words relevant to this post, I would explain, “it is the process of generating duplicate copies from the original production”.

In oil paintings, a manufacturer can also reproduced into a poster print using press machines. To certain extend, there can even be mass produced.

So the foremost is to have an understanding of how to differentiate between a poster print and an oil painting reproduction? Below sharing some key factors to identify them.

  1. Paintings done with oils require the colors mixed as the artists work & the colors are never the same, whereas, a poster print rely on the mix of color dye and the precision of the press machines.
  2. A poster print will have perfectly smooth and lustrous surface, similar to a photograph. Oil paintings will show up some relief on texture, such as impasto paintings. You will see blobs of paint and the brush-strokes.
  3. Prints are run on a press on different weights of paper and they can easily reproduce for mass quantity. Oil paintings require an artist to manually hand paint on the canvas, mass production will be too laborious.
  4. Oil paintings, generally fetch a higher price, since it require a skilled artist to reproduce. Poster prints using press will rely on mechanical equipments to duplicate the product. The rate to produce prints are much faster than handmade oil paintings.

Back to the questions of “Will the oil paintings look exactly the same as the picture posted in your store?” With the common understandings listed, I will be able to answer more correctly.

Oil paintings will never be the same as a poster prints. However, experienced artists will try to reproduce as close as the picture posted in their online store.

A slight variant may be visible in contrast with the posted picture. This is typically true, and every online buyers should view and appreciate it as the creativity aspect from artists.

Do you view hand-painted oil painting reproduction as poster print?