Why Painting Reproduction Helps to Improve Learning

Below are 10 simple reasons on Why Painting Reproduction Helps to Improve Learning.

  1. It is a proven method in history, basic learning by reproducing paintings.
  2. There are nothing to lose, yet more to gain. Even if the result is not pleasing to your eyes, you would have already aware of the basic shape, lines, colors and tone exist in the paintings.
  3. Choose a painting you love to copy, and you don’t have to paint one single day in your life. Do u agree?
  4. Do you know that there are great artists who love to share their work and allow reproduction for learning? Naming a few great artists, post-impressionist, Van Gogh, and photo realist painter Chuck Bell.
  5. Challenges your thought to explore how Old Masters managed to achieve excellent paintings, with limited choice of material and colors in the early centuries.
  6. Beside understanding paintings by simply viewing and appreciating, you are also having hands-on practice for painting every elements meticulously. Technically speaking, it improves your art appreciation and widen your knowledge.
  7. Analyzing paintings you like, helps to improve your understanding easier. Study and take note of the key area in shapes, color, lines and design. And how the paintings are being organized, related and structured.
  8. Overall experience can be more cost effective for learning composition, by just using pencil on paper. Practically for beginners, it is also easier to fulfill self-satisfaction. Makes you go another mile without sweat.
  9. As you copy, you will also discover new things to study from great artist of the past.
  10. It isolate the learning process of learning creativity from composition, thus, keeping your attention focus and achieving learning more effective.