Visiting an Art Gallery is More Relaxing

Visiting an art gallery is more relaxing, as compared to listening to music repertoire in a concert hall. Soothing music is not that distracting to our ears, some audience may just fall asleep in the midst of listening. Some prefer to have it noisier and more energetic, such as trance or rock concert.

I play my musical instruments, and that is how sound is produced through this medium. Likewise, an artist uses his painting brushes to produce an artwork on a large canvas filled with vivid oil color. Medieval art, renaissance, baroque, impressionism and expressionism are art movements defined by the Western art; there are analogous with different genres in music.

‘Likings’ is the rudiment for every artist’s hope to achieve in an art exhibit with invited friends and guests. It is a simple gesture and compliments, beside trying hard to understand and breaking the ‘da Vinci’ code from the hanging art frame. Abstract art does not necessary have to translate into words.

Even famous quote from the great painter, Claude Monet, once said:

“People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love.”

Here are a few reasons why visiting an art gallery is more relaxing, as compared to listening to music:

  1. Viewers share and discuss about the oil painting art that is hanging on the wall, without the constraint to sit silently listening music in a concert hall.
  2. Before an audience is able to listen to audio music, one need to take a step further to press the ‘play’ button. Visual art is mainly for the eye only.
  3. Its healthier to keep our body moving and walking around in the art gallery. Listening is merely an exercise of your ears, while siting restlessly in a cushion chair.
  4. There isn’t a need to pay a high entrance fee to view a masterpiece in an art museum; most displaying less than 3 meters from your naked eye. Conversly, one need a bionic eye to see the musician playing in a stage, with at least 15 meters away from the chair you are sitting.
  5. Scan your paintings or take a snapshot with your iPhone, and upload it to Facebook. It is much faster and less tedious than recording music.
  6. Your Mom will love your paintings, even she is busying cooking for your dinner. A glimpse of your mini Picasso’s art is what she have to do. Same support goes to your good friends who is an artist.