Random 10, Listing, Week 30

  1. Consecotaleophobia – refers to the legitimate fear of chopsticks. Food Not Possible To Use By Chopsticks Holding chopsticks
  2. Chopsticks. Technically, only uses 2 fingers, index and thumb, to control the upper stick. The lower stick is non-movable, tuck in to the webbing, while distal area of middle finger and proximal of thumb supporting it.
  3. Square cross-sectional area has better control grip than non-edgy round ones.
  4. Distal: situated away from the point of origin.
  5. Proximal: Nearer to a point of origin.
  6. The number “2”, as in quantity of double, a pair, even, dual, or duo, is symbolically mean balance. Black and white, no gray. Left and right, no center. Yin and Yang, no in-between.
  7. Also often refer as two-folds of any adjectives in positive sense. E.g. Double happiness. Learn to write “2” in Chinese character.
  8. Looking at them through the wrong end of your telescope.

    ~ George Orwell: Arthur Koestler

  9. Why is numeric 4 is never so lucky?
  10. Gambling is like playing with fire; fingers got burned if the game gets hotter.