Priority of Art Blogging Remains Unchanged

In the flux of my current workload, the priority of art blogging remains unchanged. Constantly having the desire to learn and share my knowledge.

Oil paintings, fine art auction, painting artists, like Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. Also Chinese culture and Confucianism. Above all, is social blogging and networking. Leaving no stone unturned.blogging boggles

As weeks passed after my last post, I realized my timetable for my weekly schedule is becoming more tied up.

Organizing activities on the calendar like a pro-planner; there’s not a second to lose!

The sheer amount of hectic lifestyle makes my mind boggles a little.

Weekends are no longer belong to those days for rest and relax. I just feel like time is running out. Always rushing to catch up with the pace of many others. Lagging behind is not the leader of the pack.

Time became more precious when everything seems to have equally importance. In stark contrast, sacrifices of less important tasks are bound to exist in a busy situation like mine.

I’m referring to lesser coffee breaks, shorter lunch hour, reduce outdoor shopping, and Facebook social twice per week. It will be every Wednesday and Sunday morning, if based on US time zone.

The only activities I feel it’s important is reading books of novel, fictional and non-fictional. I keep this task almost daily with 15 to 30 minutes.It does help me to improve my blog writings and knowledge.

Another task is I jog regularly to stay healthy. A must-do activity for me, otherwise, I will be sloppy with no drive for self-motivation to do more work. I may one day blog about jogging relating to art appreciation.

Prioritizing tasks is an inevitable management tool. Everything has to move on. Nothing has to be left behind. Keeping one’s alertness and staying healthy is, thus, vehemently crucial.

As from now, my blog post may get shorter, however, always try my best to maintain the top-notch quality on every posts.

Moreover, wanting to make my blog more sociable. This shall be my aims to keep it go on for new few months.

Please share or comment if you have ideas about painting art blogging.