Oil Painting Reproductions by the Chinese

Oil painting reproductions by the Chinese. Below are 2 pictures that I have found in one of the site hosted by the Chinese. I’m kind of impressed by the way there work in this open enviroment. Most of the Chinese will referred as “Painting Studio”, instead of naming it as a workshop or factory. Oil painting reproduction is definately sell at a affordable price, since the pictures do show its capability of mass production.
Having said that there are the oil painting reproductions, there is no way one can compare with the original paintings by master artists. Such as Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, their original artworks are usually kept as private collection, displaying in museums, or selling in auctions and art galleries. However, if one who is simply looking for an oil paintings to decorate their interior wall, oil painting reproductions are still the best choice. So what is the worth of considering such paintings are the better options?
For 3 simple reasons:-
1) It is genuinely 100% hand painted. No Printing, no digital transfer.
2) Practically affordable, as compared to the original by master artist
3) For awareness, appreciation and education purposes in modern days.