Chinese Calligraphy goes to Hanoi, Northern Vietnam

Chinese calligraphy art has been traditionally originated from mainland China. To be exact, the history of its origin and creation is a mystery till these days. Perhaps, may attribute the invention to 4600 years ago.

Generally, calligraphy painting is an appreciation of beauty in how every single brush strokes form a Chinese character. And how two characters or more forms a phrase or a proverbs. As a personal point of view, it also helps to build or even change the characters of a person who acquire this art discipline.

As the highest form of Chinese art hierarchy, Hanoi in northern Vietnam makes no difference to this tradition. Especially, Tet’s Day in this festive season of the year, where every homemakers believe calligraphy words that bring them good luck and motivation.

Literary, Vietnamese don’t learn Chinese language. Geographically, the Vietnam maybe East Asia or South East Asia. However, on the other aspect in term of culture, there too, have similar art perspective with the Chinese in learning calligraphy and its appreciation. Black ink with brush strokes painted on red paper, calligrapher often use popular painting words such as “Prosperity”, “Happiness”, “Peace”, “Fortune”, or “Safety”. Patience and calmness is still the main attitude towards learning the technical skill.

Here is a link where you can read more detail about Chinese calligraphy in Hanoi, highlighting on Vietnam calligraphers offer stroke of New Year luck.