Chinese Calligraphy and Western Painting Art

Lunar Chinese New Year is right at the corner of this week. Coincidentally, it falls on the same day as the Valentine’s Day. At this time of the year, it is a traditional culture for the Chinese to use the ink brush to paint auspicious words on red paper scroll. Chinese words painted in the form of calligraphy, signifying good luck and prosperity. Quite often there are framed or made into scrolls and hang them on the wall of their house. The chosen red color for the paper background has its own meaning too. It symbolize good fortune and lucky charms.

To the Western painting art, you will be appreciating the techniques of colorful art painted by artists in the early centuries. Their works look brilliant, and colors are being used to express their artistic view. Different sizes of brushes and strokes, as well as knives painting skill are applied. However, on one key difference from Chinese painting art is that you hardly notice written words or poems on the oil paintings. And it is Chinese calligraphy being the most popular and prestigious in the hierarchy of Chinese art and culture. Totally different disciplines and practice, using many different brush strokes with just one-size brush and black ink on plain paper.

The element of single brush stroke may not mean a lot, however, it is able to form a Chinese character with the combination of many strokes. And four characters in a calligraphy writings are usually referring to words for proverbs. To acquire skills in calligraphy, you will need a lot of patience to learn the basic. With consistency and lots of practice, will one makes perfect on this art.