Shirin Sahba’s Contemporary Paintings

Shirin Sahba artwork

From afar, the paintings creating by Shirin Sahba looks unique with ‘brush strokes’ boldly painted on canvas.

Seemingly, resemblance a blend of techniques between Van Gogh’s impasto and pointilism.

Yet, it doesn’t appear to be coming out, as if medium was painted thickly on canvas, nor totally using point-dots.

Interestingly, the aestheticism of the entire artwork does strongly depict its color vibrancy and visual aliveness.

With the guided arrays of small objects, detailing as fish, floral, or even fine strokes, thus, creating a kind of landscaping effect on her art piece.

What has even more intriguing is the tiny characters appearing sparsely and breaking off the repeating patterns in her paintings.

You will start to examine closely as you wonder what’s that small object painted on that line.

Characteristic objects could be loving couples, fisherman, trishaw riders, a red fox, a horse, elephant, Indian’s dancer and musicians, trees, etc.

At first glance of the paintings by Shirin Sahba has not instantly caught my attention on the miniature characters painted on the canvas.

It took me quite a while to figure it out by looking far and near, and relating the close-up view.

Her paintings definitely demand a closer look.

All the paintings are worth your appreciation,  be it near or far.

Shirin Sahba, La Dolce Vita
Shirin Sahba, La Dolce Vita
Shirin Sahba, La Dolce Vita (Close-Up)
Shirin Sahba, La Dolce Vita (Close-Up)


Shirin Sahba, Feeding the Fish
Shirin Sahba, Feeding the Fish
Shirin Sahba, Shirin Sahba, Feeding the Fish (Close-Up)
Shirin Sahba, Shirin Sahba, Feeding the Fish (Close-Up)


Shirin Sahba, The Guru Walks His Dogs
Shirin Sahba, The Guru Walks His Dogs
Shirin Sahba, The Guru Walks His Dogs (Close-Up)
Shirin Sahba, The Guru Walks His Dogs (Close-Up)


More of her artwork is featured in website

Knowing More About Édouard Manet, French Impressionist

Feeling lost. Not lost in the streets of Mumbai metropolitan, India.

I would be happier if lost in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Sounds awfully good, but it was not because of this as well.

Feeling lost. Of just having a pretty mediocre sense of direction, when it comes to art blogging with the topic of impressionism and oil paintings.

I was at the library earlier today. Trying to search for references relating to the famous French PainterÉdouard Manet and its most famous oil paintings, “Luncheon on the Grass“.

I did find some over-sized books. Think-covered heavy ones stacked up neatly on tall shelve, as if there were never been touched or read.

I carried the books back to my table, flip through a few pages, but was quicker to social in Facebook than creating-written content in my blog.

Facebook is addictive. So much so that I’m also trying to get readers to interest my blog post. I ought to admit it.

Too often, Facebook users are overwhelm by meaningless notifications that actually comes from active groups of professionals and online socialites.

Are you one of them?

Oh, I’m glad u naming me as one. Thank you.

My proactive research actually made out of a series of calculated vanishings from places to places. From rows of the bookshelves to the study table, and from library’s catalog at the desktop computer to few visits to the loo. Sometimes, coffee at the nearby cafe.

All actions seemingly to inspire those librarians to imagine what I was up to.

Perhaps, I maybe the one pretending to be big and busy as a novice art blogger. A bad habit of my evasion towards blogging.

Do you share the same sentiment as a typical blogger?

After my last post, I have a few thoughts running in my mind.

Hoping to help myself and to share my understanding on impressionism and Édouard Manet.

Putting it in my task list for next post, making it evasion-proof for dear readers. Here it is:-

  1. Impressionism relating to Édouard Manet and Claude Monet.
  2. Painting techniques from Édouard Manet, ‘Alla Prima
  3. Other painting techniques modified by Impressionist successors.
  4. Why is Édouard Manet important to Impressionism.

Seriously, I wish I could have longer list. That also mean more unanswered questions in my list.

Well, I welcome any disparaging comments. Being new to fine arts, blogging standard changes as a way for improvements.

This Blog Includes Chinese Artists and Art Auction in Asia

Whenever I log in to my blog, I always try to create new informative post about oil paintings, else it would be a new post on Chinese culture.

As my blog remains logging in on one of the browser tabs, I switch to other tab to view the notifications from my Facebook.

Then toggle to another neighboring tab with Twitter log in to re-tweet, thanking those who followed me. Plus one browser tab parking next to Twitter on the newly signed up Google Plus account.

I continue to read my emails and news feed on oil paintings and Chinese culture. The emails that never seems to stop receiving.

Wow! I look triply busy than a bumblebee bringing its nectar to the hive.

Portrait of Andy Warhol, by Zeng Fanzhi

Fingers typing shortcut keys exercise more actively than my legs can jog round the rubber tracks. Flipping, toggling, typing, eyes gazing from left to right, top to bottom.

Social media is actually more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol.

By the time I reminded myself of blogging, it is already lunch time.

Does that describe you as a new blogger?

Time passed. The result of my blog is nullify by the time spent on social media and emails. I ought to be more organized and be self-discipline.

SO I did for the past 2 weeks. Not blogging, but for my planing and preparation. I put in effort to mind-map and to encapsulate all my content for this blog.

Beside oil paintings and Chinese culture, there are series of activities adding in the pipeline. I even to expand the topics even further about contemporary Chinese artists.

That include Ai Weiwei, China’s most famous dissident artist, Zeng Fanzhi, international artist based in Beijing, and many notable Chinese artists.

Beside Chinese artists, another important attribute of sharing in this blog is art auction held in HongKong by Christie’s and Sotheby’s. I be learning to catch up on those events.

Both auction house have been proactively evolving their presence in Asia, particularly, in fine art paintings from Eastern Asia, China.

The knowledge I’m having is by far too shallow to share with the audience reading my blog. However, it is one of the direction I be looking forward in the coming years.

Fundamentally, knowledge of oil paintings is the crucial element here, as well as topics about Chinese culture which is my forte. Like what I have mentioned on my last post, oil paintings will be a challenge for me to develop my knowledge-based research skill.

There are a couple of items I need to spend time planing on this blog.

Blogging is like a Chinese chef from royal palace, using his creativity concocting the special ingredients of authentic cuisine. Otherwise, beheaded by the palace king if food yucks!. *Joke aside.

Here is another analogy about my intention of posting genuine content in my blog.

In the palance dinner, you are the invited guests and VIPs, while Google, the search engine king, will hunger for newly written and descriptive content.

Does tantalizingly delicious food arouse your appetite? Same goes to written content for Google, ever desire for mouthwatering delicacy content.

I shall list my action-items here to complete before my next post scheduled next week.

  1. Re-organizing the content, and reshuffling of tags and categories. Some are redundant.
  2. Sharing a draft of roadmap on upcoming posts for next 6 months.
  3. Put up the page to briefly describe this blog. Short and succinct.
  4. Optimize the loading speed of the web pages. Technical for webmaster, who is also me.

One last note, be free to comment if you have opinions or improvements on my blog.