Learn About 50 Most Famous Paintings in 10 Minutes

Picasso posing as a ballerina

Learn About 50 Most Famous Paintings in 10 Minutes.

Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Edouard Manet,  Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Leonardo da Vinci.

Indian Artist Who Uses His Tongue To Paint

This man uses his tongue to paint his artwork. He is Ani K, from Kerela, south-west India. His artwork is not one or a few, but literally more than a 1000 sets of masterpiece paintings.  

I really thought that this could be mistakable of differing from hundreds of thousands of artists worldwide who practice the conventional method using hand and coloring brushes.

Right-handed painter uses right hand, likewise, left-handed for your left. And doubly perfect if you are an ambidextrous to utilize both hands with talent.

But by tongue is somewhat quite an extreme bizarre.

As often as I have seen girls taking selfie photography with her colored stick-out tongue ‘painted’ with ice Popsicle, lest have I heard of the other way round with a talented tongue able to paint on canvas.

How the coordination between his unique tongue and creative mind is a puzzling question worth pondering in the field of cognitive development.

I guess it could possibly a challenge for him, as like, doing massive physical workout of jumping jacks with four of your limbs in different directions.

Watch this video created by Barcroft TV screening the Indian artist paints with his own tongue.

Hiroshi Matsumoto 9×9 Painting Abstract

Hiroshi Matsumoto, 9x9 painting

Unlike those extreme large-sized ones, these small 9×9 painting, are intriguingly less common in abstract artwork.

No other abstract artists have done it so passionately than this oil painter from Kobe city in Japan; he is Hiroshi Matsumoto.Hiroshi Matsumoto

To be more exact,  I would refer 9×9 painting as exceptionally ‘rare’; a better word to describe his abstract series of artwork.

There are also known as 4″x4″ painting with oil on canvas.

While seeing his paintings, I wonder how Hiroshi Matsumoto skillfully apply bold and dynamic brushstrokes on a little piece of canvas.

It is not possible to project and enlarge it, and reduced size to 9×9 painting. This is not similar to printing work.

There are original oil paintings on canvas created by Hiroshi Matsumoto.

From his website, he humbly says,

I never know what it is going to be until it’s complete. When I start to paint, I always put some colors on the canvas without thinking. My choice of colors is often accidental or intuitive.

His style of paintings characterized with bold brush strokes just fit into small canvas. Using oil medium laid on thick plaster, ever creamier than cake frosting.

An exclusive choice of colors and texture, creating a juicier blend and mixture of zeal in his series of appealing paintings.

Presentation of the 9×9 painting appears as a fusion of minimalism and simplicity.

Hiroshi Matsumoto presented his abstract painting by using a much wider off-white mat board, enclosed with a simple one-inch size frame.

These minimum use of neutral colors will not overemphasize the matting and frame, or even distract the viewer away from the central artwork.

In this way, the white border surrounding the 9×9 painting would simply draw the viewer’s eye inward, and towards the art piece.

Thus, admiring its beauty with delicate elegance on the high wall.

However, small is the paintings, it is able to create the maximum value of his artistic approach and painting style.

Needless for one to stand meters backward to view his abstract paintings. His work truly demands intimate appreciation from enthusiastic viewers.

I’m inspired by his artwork, in a way learning the value of being small and proactive can be efficacious to produce a desired result. Just like the quote:

Be faithful in small things because
it is in them that your strength lies.
~ Mother Teresa

Below sharing some of this recent 9×9 abstract paintings.

Hiroshi Matsumoto 9x9 painting

Hiroshi Matsumoto 9x9 painting

Hiroshi Matsumoto, 9x9 painting

Hiroshi Matsumoto, 9x9 painting

Hiroshi Matsumoto, 9x9 painting

More of 9×9 painting can be found in Hiroshi Matsumoto’s website.

The artist studied drawing and painting at the Art Institute of Osaka Municipal Museum of Art and have exhibited in many solo shows and group exhibitions.

All Images Courtesy of Hiroshi Matsumoto.