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Time after time, I have been wondering what I should be doing in this blog. First off, I have shortened the description of this blog to include only “oil paintings” and “Chinese culture“.

Ideas so broad and free from any restriction. More often than not, this blog has been about oil paintings and Chinese culture. The former idea is a challenge for me, since I’m not a painting artist.

How ordinary people appreciate painVincent van Gogh Portraitting art from their unlearned minds?

Oil paintings is my interest I hope to learn more from other great painting artists. I love fine arts, visual art and oil paintings. I will not be able to showcase my art work by blogging. Practically, not so able to gain a good chance of hands-on with oil on canvas.

Despite that limitation, I cannot rule out the possibility of learning digital paintings. It could be a new trend. I might want to try that to explore my creativity too. 

Presently, I’m learning to appreciate all sort of art form for its aesthetics and conceptual purpose. I’m doing my own study and research. Studying about art history from Renaissance art to Impressionism movement. As well as, modern art, like Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism.

Vincent van Gogh was the great Dutch post-impressionist painter. There are more to learn from his paintings. Claude Monet has great painting technique of alla prima, also refer as wet-on-wet painting.

Good example of Claude Monet famous artwork will be the series of water lilies paintings. Believe it or not, approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist in his life span.

Naming a few famous artist of all time, Leonardo da Vinci, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe and Paul Jackson Pollock. There are more to catch up!


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  1. Fine art and oil painting is also my favorite subject and I must say that it is great way for refurnish our home and make an effective changes with painting. I agreed that Claude Monet has great painting technique of alla prima and it is so inseparable. Thanks to share! Nice Blog!

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