Art Movement, 19th & 20th Century

Art movement can be defined within these few fundamental points:-

  1. Style in art with a specific common philosophy or purpose.
  2. Artists in group conform to the objectives and generate creative ideas
  3. Happens during restricted period of time. Be it month, years or decades.
  4. It evolves over time, in consecutive manner, that are experimental or innovative.
  5. Accomplished by pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm.
  6. Each movement derives an important development or break-through in modern art.

Impressionism is one of the art movement I would like to learn more about. There are also many art movements from 16th century onwards. Some are uncommon. I shall list below the popular art movements of 19th & 20th century.

  1. Romanticism, c. 1750s–1890s
  2. Realism, c. 1850s–1900s
  3. Modernism, c. 1860s-ongoing
  4. Symbolism 1860s-1880s
  5. Impressionism, c. 1860s–1920s
  6. Pointillism, c. 1880s–1910s
  7. Post-Impressionism, c. 1880s–1900s
  8. Expressionism, c. 1890s–1930s
  9. Neo-Classicism, c. 1900s–ongoing
  10. Fauvism, c. 1900–1910
  11. Picasso‘s Blue Period, c. 1901–1904
  12. Picasso’s Rose Period, c. 1904–1906
  13. Picasso’s African Period, 1906–1909
  14. Cubism, c. 1906–1919
  15. Futurism, c. 1909–1916
  16. Dada, c. 1916–1922
  17. Surrealism, c. 1920s–1960s
  18. Abstract expressionism
  19. Pop Art
  20. Body Art
  21. Classical Realism
  22. Late modernism
  23. Minimalism
  24. Neo-Expressionism
Picasso posing as a ballerina
Picasso posing as a ballerina